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Over the last years I became quite surprised, that Finland, as a developed nation, is quite far behind  in terms of educational information about nutrition, and human's most destructive behaviour, therefore I decided to add some links to some educational documentaries on the subject.
If you are buying the food, then you should learn about this, to keep yourself and your family safe, because the governments doesn't really want you to know this.  


Documentary "Forks over Knives" is about the largest study in the history of nutrition science:


Documentary "What the Health"  is about political structure to keep people uninformed and misinformed:

Documentary "The Game Changers" is about
Injured athlete in search for the quickest recovery.  His journey leads to discoveries about how nutrition affects the recovery, longevity, athletic performance and more:

Documentary "Cowspiracy" is about the most destructive behaviour (please watch also "Seaspiracy" on Netflix):

It has been addressed in the EU parliament,  but, as always,  it falls onto the deaf ears:

Documentary "Dominion" is about the humanity's most evil behaviour:

As well as the documentary "Earthlings":

Reasons why some people can't quit malzoism:
The definition of malzoism can be found here: malzoism.org

We live near the grocery stores with ability to give to our bodies the most optimal nutrition we could ever wish.  It just takes a little learning for it to become a second nature.  Just a small hurdle to jump over, for huge benefits for all!
Here is a link to the leading nutrition expert's channel.  He has a group of 20 volunteers who go through 200 studies per day, take the valuable things that would be good to know, and present to a public in a short and easy to perceive video:

He started his career as an infectious disease expert.  Here is a lecture about how humanity has been generating ever more and more dangerous pandemics due to their destructive, evil behaviour:

Reasons why far worse is coming: