Handy Henry is a one man's company registered in Finland, that offers handyman work and renovations, and has 30 years of experience in different types of crafts. Handy Henry has lived within different cultures, growing up in Latvia (jewellery, blacksmith, construction), USA, CA (11 years - renovations, carpentry, handyman), Åland and Finland (9 years - renovations and new construction). The service can be offered in English, Latvian (native), Russian, and just a little bit in Swedish, Spanish, and monkey sign language. Handy Henry enjoys leaving a beautiful result of whatever is the task, that will leave a pleasant and nice place to look at for a long time to come! 🏡

Handy Henry services are most suitable for the individuals who are building or renovating their own house, and handling their own project as a general contractor, and want to keep their expenses low. Handy Henry can offer a wide range of skills and professional equipment for most of the tasks inside and outside the house, where special license is not required.


Summer time (May - October):
Small jobs (up to 2 weeks) - €41 + VAT
Bigger jobs - €35 + VAT

Winter time (November - April):
Small jobs - €35 + VAT
Big jobs - €30 + VAT

Handy Henry wishes to all.

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